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If God visits our home today right now, in which language He will speak to us?

Certainly in our own mother tongue.  God spoke to Paul in his mother-tongue – Hebrew on his way to Damascus.  God spoke to Sadhu Sunder Singh in his mother-tongue viz Punjabi when he was on his way to end his life.

So if God wants to speak to all the people in India, He will speak to them only in their mother tongues. Yes!  Mother tongue Bible is  every man’s BirthRight.  The great missionary William Carey once said,”Mother-Tongue Bible is a permanent missionary at home”.  Following his foot-steps,  Indian Bible Translators (IBT) is committed to the  vision of giving every Indian his mother-tongue Bible – in all Lesser – known languages  in India.

Right now Bible Translation is going on in 50 Indian languages spoken in various states all over India.  For further details on each of these projects please refer the details given below.
6 Languages New Testament printed – OT Translation is going on
1.Baduga Project

Spoken By 7 Lakhs of people living in the Nilgiris Hills.
Baduga New Testament translated by IBT was released in 1999.
Two Bible Translators Mrs & Mr.Chandran  and 3 Missionaries along with their families  are working at Nigiris Hills to spread the word of God right now.  The whole Bible will be released sometime in 2011.  Please pray.

2. Sourashtra Project

This language spoken by 12 lakhs of people living in different parts of  TamilNadu – Madurai, Tanjore, Salem.
The New Testament in Sourashtra was dedicated at Madurai in 2001.   One translator Mr.Sankar and two missionaries are engaged in distributing the Sourashtra New Testament.  It is planned to release the full Bible in 2012.

3. Bhojpuri Project

This Language is  spoken by 20 million people living in U.P. Bihar, Ballia, Gajipur, Deoria, Baler, Siwan, Gopal Ganj, Maharaj sanj, Mao.  15 Missionaries are working in 5 Mission station in U.P.- Bhojpuri Churches already constructed at Pindra, Belthra Road.  Sunday service is being regularly conducted at Salempur, Kukundoo, Ajamgar, Juanpur, Varanasi, Basti, Ara, Chapra, Gaya, Bhohpur, Gorakhpur.  New Testament was released in 2006.  Old Testament Translation is going on.  It is planned to bring out the full Bible in 2015.  3 Bible Translators are working in this project.

4. Chhattisgarhi Project
This Language is spoken by 30 million of people living in Chattisgarh. Infact a separate State ‘Chhattisgarh’ has come into existence in Indian Union. 10 Missionaries and One Bible Translator along with their family are working in this language. New Testament was released in 2005. Old Testament Translation is in progress. It is planned to print the whole Bible in 2015. Mr.M.T.Jebaraj is working as Bible Translator. All 16 districts in Chhattisgarh.
5. Desia Project

This language is spoken by about 10 lakhs of people in Koraput – Malkangiri, Raigada, Nowrangpur Districts of Orissa State.  One Bible Translator and 4 Missionaries are working among them.  New Testament was released in May 2010.  It is planned to bring out the whole Bible in 2015.  Mr.Ruben Antharu is the present Bible Translator. Desia New Testament is being distributed in Orissa.

6. Mirgan Project

This Language is spoken by 80,000 people at Koraput and Nowrangpur Districts of Orissa State.

One Bible Translator is engaged in Bible Translation right now and two Missionaries are working among this people group at Kosagumuda in Orissa.  New Testament in Mirgan was released in  Nov.2010 at Nawrangpur.  Mr.Ayub Suna is the Translator.   Mirgan New Testament is being distributed in Orissa.

In the following languages, New Testament Translation had been completed – Exegetical checking has to be done – O.T. Translation is going on.
7. Bodoporja

Language is spoken by 50,000 people in Koraput district.  Missionary and church planting work is going on.  Mr.Rabindra Kumar is working as a Bible Translator.

8. Pania

Language is spoken by Pania people living in Kerala – TN Wayanad-Gudalur-Pandalur – Mr.& Mrs. Thambidurai had already completed N.T –  O.T.Translation is continued.

9. Toda

Language is spoken by Todas living in Nigiri Hills – Ooty, Coonoor & Kotagiri.   Population is 3000.  N.T.Completed – O.T Translation is going on – Mrs.Poongili Sreeraj is the Toda Translator

10. Yereva

Language is spoken in Karnataka – Coorg, Medikarai, Hunsur  District – Miss.Ravina is the Bible Translator – N.T completed – O.T Translation is going on – Population is 20,000.

11. Kodavathak

Language is spoken by people 1,00,000 living in Coorg District – N.T completed – O.T Translation is going on – Mrs.Philomina & Mrs.Banumathi are the Bible Translators.

12. Kolahandia
Language is spoken by 10 Lakhs people in Kolahandia & Nuapara Districts in Orissa state – N.T completed – O.T Translation is going on – Mr.Pitambar Mahanand is the Bible Translator.
13. Sambalpuri

Language is spoken at Sambalpur, Bargad, Bolangir, Jarsuguda, Titlagad, Sankpur Districts.  N.T. completed – O.T Translation is going on .  Mr.Sukadev Nag is the Bible Translator -  8 Lakhs people speak this language.

14. Mundari

Language is spoken in Sambalpur, Jarsuguda, Sundagad, Deogarh, Bargarh Districts, Orissa.  N.T. is completed – O.T Translation is going on – Mr.Suleiman and Mr.Chandra Kanta Barla are the Bible Translators – 6 Lakhs Population.

In the following languages – New Testament Translation is going on

15. Kota
Language is spoken in Kotagiri District – Mrs.Parvathii is the Translator at Kotagiri, Ooty.  Populaltion is around 3000.
16. Kunjapanai Irula
spoken in Nilgiri District.  Mr.Vijayaraj is the Bible Translator.  Population is 20,000.  Bee keeping project and drinking water scheme had been carried out for these Irulas some years back – N.T Translation is going on.
17. Velliangadu Irula

Language is spoken  in T.N & Kerala.  Mr. & Mrs.Samuel are working as Bible Translators – N.T Translation is going on .  Population is 20,000

18. Gadaba

Language is spoken in Koraput District in Orissa – N.T Translation is going on.  Mr.Raju Hayal and Mr.Sunil Chappadi are the Bible Translators stationed at Similiguda, Orissa.

19. Soura (Odiya)

is spoken near Parlekamundy,  Gajapathy in Orissa – N.T Transliteration is going on – Mr.Susthira  & Mr.Biswanath are the Bible Translators.

20. Jennu Kurumba

is spoken Coorg District, Karnataka.  N.T. Translation is going on – Mrs.Jothi Lakshamanan is the Bible Translator.

21. Vaagri
Is spoken near H.D,Kote, Mysore District, Karnataka – Mr.Manna Sampi and Mr.Meena Raj are the Bible Translators. N.T Translation is nearing completion.
22. Lambani
Language is spoken in Shimoga, Haveri Districts. N.T Translation is going on. Mr.Paramesh and Mr.Hanumanth are the Bible Translators.
23. Bovi
Language is spoken by people living in Haveri District, Karanataka. N.T Translation is going on . Mrs.Lata is the Bible Translator.
24. Siddhi
Language is spoken in Haliyal near Hubli District in Karnataka. N.T.Translation is going on – Mr.Prakash Siddhi, Sunita Siddhi are the Bible Translators.
25. Bundelkandi
Is spoken by people in M.P & U.P – Chatrapur, Panna, Damo, Gajura- U.P – Saagal, Jansi, Lalitpur. N.T Translation is going on – Mr.Johnson, Co-ordinator.
26. Kuduk
Language is spoken at Raigad, Seetapur, Ambigapur, Kunkurin Districts in Chattisgarh State. Mr.Mohanlal, Suksai, Shobat Ram are the Translators. N.T.Translation is going on.
27. Baageli
Language is spoken in Rewa, Kutni,Sadol, Guruh Districts, M.P State. Is the Bible Translator.
28. Hadothi
Language is spoken in Kota & Pipillo District in Rajasthan. Mr.Roojwelt and Mr.Hajarilal are the Bible Translators.
29. Maarwadi
Language is spoken in Pali, Jodhpur, Ajmer Districts in Rajasthan. Mr.Daniel is the Bible Translator.
30. Rajasthani
Language is spoken in Jaipur, Sheohi, Manoharpur in Rajasthan. Mr.Jegadish is the Bible Translator.
31. Vaagri
is spoken in Banswara District, Rajasthan.  Prakash, Sarath, Ramsingh, Mansingh are the Bible Translators.
32. Dingal
Language is spoken in Rajasthan – Tonk and Dausa Districts.  Altaf Hussain is  the Bible Translator.
33. Mewari
Language is spoken in Udaipur, Chittargot Districts in Rajasthan.  Mr.Prakash Jain is  the Mewari Bible Translator.
34. Shekawatti
is spoken in Sikar, Churu, Junjuru Districts in Rajasthan.  Mr.Rajkaran is the Bible Translator.
35. Soura (Telugu)

is spoken at Srikakulam, Mandasa at Andhra Pradesh and Orissa border near  Parlekamundy – Sandoor – Mr.Sabara is the Bible Translator.

36. Juang

Language is spoken at Dhenkanal District, Orissa.  Mr.Chitrason and Mr.Ashok are the Bible Translators.

spoken in Koraputu district, Orissa –  Mr.Narayana and Mr.Sundar Nayak are the Biblel Translators.
spoken in Malkangiri District, Orissa – Mr.Azariah, Mr.Jeyarathnam and Mr.Lemon Chinchani are the Bible Translators.

spoken in Jagadalpur, Bustar Districts in Chhattisgarh – Mr.Sudeshi Masih and Mr.Jacob Masih are the Bible Translators.


spoken in Narayanpur, Dantewade Districts, Chhattisgarh – Mr.Gnandoss Masih, Mr.Mannu & Mr.Dilip are the Bible Translators.


spoken in Jarkand and in Chhattisgarh states  - Mr.Rajesh Khujur and Mr.M.Khajur are the Bible Translators.

We need Bible Translators  in the following languages:

42. Panjari

spoken in Kolahandia, Nowrangpur, Malkangiri Districts, Orissa


spoken near Karwar District, Karnataka

spoken in Hunsur, Mysore Districts, Karnataka
45. Duruva

spoken in Sukma District in Chhattisgarh.

46. Maji
spoken in West Bengal.
47. Kanoj

is spoken in (near Kanpur) Kanoj, Farukabad Districts in U.P.

spoken in Utterkand State.
49. Dharu

spoken in Utterkand State.


spoken in Mandla, Palakad Districts in M.P.

51. Gaduvali
spoken in Utterkand State.
52. Kuwara
Himachal  Pradesh
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