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Apart from Bible Translation and Missionary work, IBT is involved in some public projects of social concern to the particular peoples group among whom it is functioning such as literacy, sewing class, Bee-keeping project, drinking water scheme, children home etc.,

The Bible says that, “ He that cares for the poor is rendering service to God.”  Our Social Service is not the end of our service to the people but it is only a means to our service.  Apart from Bible Translation and Missionary work, we are engaged in some social service projects that meets the physical and social needs of the particular people group among whom we are doing ministry.  May be the best translation of Bible is to meet the physical and the social needs of the people.

Bee Keeping Project :

We approached the Government of Tamilnadu – and got 200 Honey keeping boxes at the cost of Rs.1 lakh from the Government, distributed these 200 boxes (each box costs Rs.500/-) among 32 Irula families.  They are preparing Honey right now at Kunjapanai in Kotagiri.

Sewing class :

We teach sewing class free of cost to the tribal women at the following places.  So that these women can earn money for their livelihood to support their poor families.

      Belthra Road - U.P
      Kotagiri - Tamilnadu
      Gudalur - Tamilnadu
      Salempur - U.P
Healthcare Camps :

We hold Healthcare Camps at various places to help common people check their health.  In the past we have conducted these camps at Kinnakorai, Karikkaiyur, Bappenpalli, Mopripalayam etc. with the help of Local/Government doctors and Pharmacetical  teams.  Health Camps are frequently conducted at our Orissa Children Home to check the health conditions of these 100 children residing at our children home, Bappenpalli.

Children Home :

We have started a Children Home (age 5 to 10 years) home at Bappenpalli in Orissa for the Tribal children there.  We have about 100 children – mostly Koya Tribal children – some of them orphans – We need Sponsors for each child – Rs.500/- per month.  We provide food and accommodation and send them to the local Govt. School for their education.

Drinking Water Facility :

We provided Drinking water facility for the Irulas living in  Kunjapanai at the cost of Rs.60,000/- .  Whenever there arises a need for drinking water for the people among whom we are doing missionary work, we help them out.

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