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Indian Bible Translators had been giving Training for Translators and Missionaries.With the following objectives:

1) To give them communication skill in English language – minimum communication ability – report writing – reporting to IBT etc.

2) Bible knowledge – Each trainee will get minimum basic knowledge of the Bible.

3)Basic principles of Bible Translation for the mother tongue speakers

4) To impart the vision of IBT – How IBT was started – How the organization is functioning.

5) To impart the missionary zeal from the bio-graphies of missionaries and to teach them  and equip them with basic tools of Evangelism and Church planting.

Through this Training our main aim is to impart the mission and vision of IBT to the new recruits and trainees.

Missionary Training:

Missionary Training is being conducted at IBT Training Centre for a period of one month.  During the Training period they will be given coaching in English Language, Bible Teachings, Missionary Life stories and Field training etc.,

Field Training:

The youths are taken to our nearest mission stations for field training and for outreach and village evangelism.

One week Bible Translation Training:

We are conducting one week short-term Bible Translation training for the new mother –tongue Bible Translators.

Youth Missionary Camp:

We conduct this Camp once in a year at different places for 2/3 days.  Youths are encouraged to participate in this camp so that they may be challenged and exposed to Mission and Bible Translation ministry. 

Preacher Training:

This Training is being conducted for the IBT members and Promotional Staff.  How to choose a Topic – How to prepare a Sermon, How to deliver Do’s and Don’ts of a preacher etc.,

Translator’s Training and Workshop:

This Training is for the Translators, to teach the Translation Principle.  Recently for this Training 20 Translators participated in this Training from 20 -25th Sept.2010 at Coimbatore on “How to Translate Old Testament” after having completed to N.T Translation.  Translators Workshop is conducted frequently at various mission fields and at BSI, Bangalore to check their translation of each book of the Bible (Exegetical checking). 

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