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BRIEF History of Indian Bible Translators

Indian Bible Translators

Was started in the year 1978.  It’s Head Quarters is in Coimbatore near Civil Airport.  The Founder – Director of Indian Bible Translators is Prof.S.Panneer Selvam who was a Professor in Electronics and Communication at C I T Engg. College.  Many years ago, as Prof.S.Panneer Selvam was travelling in a bus reading his Tamil Bible.

God spoke to him, “Though you know English well, why do you read Tamil Bible?

He said, “Oh Lord it is my mother tongue.” Then God asked him, “If you love your mother tongue so- much,   Then there are millions of people in India- who do not have the privilege of reading Bible in their mother-tongue.  You must do something to meet this particular need of giving Mother-Tongue Bible to every Indian.” 

This is how IBT was founded in 1978 to translate Bible in Bible-less languages in India.

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