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Saththiya Vaarthai in English & Tamil

IBT’s official magazine “SATHTHIYA VAARTHAI (Word of Truth) “ is being published by a separate Trust called “WORD PUBLISHERS TRUST” in English and Tamil once in a  month.  In this magazine you will find the inspiring and enlightening messages written by  Prof.S.Panneer Selvam as many readers of WORD magazine both in Tamil and English have testified time and again.  God has truly given him the gift of writing.  Hundreds of Pastors and Laymen have written that they are using his messages for Bible Study, Radio Talk and preaching.

Hundreds of people had been blessed through this magazine.  Hundreds of readers of WORD magazine have testified that as soon as they get the magazine, they don’t drop it till they finish reading the whole message never missing even one word in the message. 

One reader went to the extent of testifying in a meeting that he regards the message in the WORD magazine next to the Holy Bible.  In addition to this message, this magazine carries Field News of IBT Missionaries and other activities and News of IBT organization.  If you are interested in getting this magazine, please write to  the following address:

                                * SUBSCRIPTION FOR TAMIL MAGAZINE FOR A YEAR IS
                                 FOR A LIFE MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION IS                                   
                                 SUBSCRIPTION FOR ENGLISH MAGAZINE FOR A YEAR IS
                                 FOR A LIFE MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION IS
Rs. 100/-

                              *Above rates are subject to variation.

Our official monthly magazine Saththiya Vaarthai is being published once in 3 months in HINDI, ODIYA, MALAYALAM, TELUGU and KANNADA Languages.
Literature books for Christian’s spiritual growth.
1. Vaanathin Vasal(Tamil)

We have published a book in Tamil called Vaanathin Vaasal meaning “Gate way to heaven”.  This book contains 12 inspiring messages covering a wide range of Topics pertaining to practical Christian life.    It costs Rs.30/- if you need this copy through post please send Rs. 50/- through M.O or DD in favour of WORD PUBLISHERS TRUST.

Word of Life(English)

The message of Prof.S.Panneer Selvam published through the WORD Magazine have been well received both in India and abroad. In response to the request of many readers, we have selected 15 messages that had appeared in the WORD magazine in English, edited and published in the form of a book entitled “WORD OF LIFE”.

All the 15 messages given in this book are independent in nature.  So the reader can choose any topic he wants.  These thought - provoking messages are not meant to be a food for you but rather as an appetizer, not as a fire but as a little spark, not as a treasure but only as a key to open that treasure.

WORD OF LIFE  Book costs Rs.35/- if you need this copy through post please send  Rs.55/- through M.O or DD in favour of WORD PUBLISHERS TRUST.

Sorvum Theervum– Tamil (Overcoming discouragement)

Sorvum Theervum is a book in Tamil recently revised and published.  This book deals with the analysis of various factors that bring discouragement and disillusionment in our lives along with remedial measures how to overcome these discouragement in our personal lives.  It contains 16 messages on causes of discouragements and their remedial measures.  Many have read this book and got spiritual uplift in their lives.  It costs only Rs. 30/- if you need this copy through post please send  Rs.50/- through M.O or DD in favour of WORD PUBLISHERS TRUST.

Vaanathin Manna (Tamil)

A real Manna for the soul – 15 inspiring messages for the spiritual uplift of any Christian – ready made messages for all occasions.

Payappadaatheergal (Fear Not) - Tamil

Payappadaatheergal– A book on How to overcome Fear in one’s life – It gives solution to all kinds of fears in human life – A must for all Christians. Its cost is Rs.50/-  add postage.

Introduction to each  book of the Bible (Tamil)

Introduction to each book of the Bible -  This book serves as an appetizer for reading each book of the Bible – a real; guide post to guide you into the contents of each book of all the 66 books of the Bible.  The cost of this book is Rs.50/- add postage.

125 Illustrations book (Tamil)

125 Illustrations book (Tamil) for preachers .  It provides a window for preaching bringing light and enlightenment on each point of the Sermon. A must for a preacher.

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